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The Instrument Rating no longer expires or needs to be renewed, but the holder of the rating must complete an IPC every two years to meet Transport Canada's recency requirement.

The IPC can be flown in a Flight Training Device (FTD), or simply put, a Transport Canada certified simulator. The conduct of the IPC is quite similar to the conduct of the initial Instrument Rating flight test, but only assesses your Instrument Rating proficiency.

If you are keen on acquiring new skills so that you can make yourself an up-to-date pilot, completing an IPC by state-of-the-art FTD is the best choice.

And for that purpose, our DA42 simulator is the best simulator.

The simulator cockpit is identical to the real DA42 aircraft, and equips a real Garmin G1000 GPS (not to be mistaken with the "simulated" one, which often behaves differently from original one.)

Our DA42 is an easy-to-fly light twin aircraft with FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), allowing even those with no previous experience in DA42 to excel.

Conveniently located at Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, our FTD will suit your personal schedule.

Aircraft technology is ever-progressing. Pilots should be too.

Please contact us at or 604-940-6811 for more information