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Student Achievement
Nov 8, 14 Cori once had to stop his CPL training in Ontario but his passion for flying never stopped. He re-started his training at SLA in an unfamiliar airplane and in unfamiliar air space. Now he is looking forward to starting his Multi IFR training. Congratulations Cori!!
Oct 12, 14 Badi Yang soloed on Oct 12th, after a quick dual flight and 3 perfect touch and go's. Even the rain and cold autumn weather could not stop this avid aviator. Congratulations Badi you have worked hard to achieve your goal!
Sept 28, 14 Samuel Chung completed his flight test and impressed the examiner with his knowledge of the airplane systems. This enthusiastic student met all his flight test requirement with flying colors. Congratulations!
Jun 14, 14 Congratulations to Mark Henry (Left) and David Mak (Right) for passing their Private Pilot Flight Test! We wish them blue skies and greased landings, go forth enjoy and lean all you can:) then see you both back for Commercial flight training.
Mar 25, 13 Congratulations to Redmar Atsma for passing the CPL flight test! It was such a beautiful day to mark this greatest achievement. Now the future is in your hand!
Jan 13, 13 David Chan soloed on a beautiful bright winter afternoon. He did one perfect circuit followed by an impressive landing. From the beginning David has been able to land the plane smoothly with very little instruction. He is a natural at flying! Congratulations David on your first solo!
Oct 21, 12 Congratulations to Andrew Williams for his first solo! He accomplished this big milestone with only minimum hours. Keep up the good work!
Oct 5, 12 It was a warm and windy afternoon, where a student private pilot was eager to go up solo for his first time. Aaron Nakama was his name, and time after time he greets all of us here at the flight school with a big kid smile and contagious laugh that makes you want to join in. Before leaving for his flight, knowing our ritualistic solo drenching, he says to us, "I don't wanna get splashed guys...I have the new Iphone 5!" That didn't go as planned.. we got him good and the Iphone was safe and dry!
Sep 30, 12 A group of Hong Kong Air Cadet students were sponsored by the cadet program to receive training at Sea Land Air. They have shown extraordinary performance and commitment during a 2-weeks training. Good luck to all of your future endeavours!
Sep 2, 12 Stuart Hodgson enjoyed his first solo on a perfect summers day. His spectacular takeoffs and landings has made him one of the best. Stuart is truly an exceptional student who always works hard and comes prepared. Congratulations to you Stuart you have a bright future as a pilot.
May 11, 12 Jerry Kroll did his first solo today in C-FPME, with beautiful, summer-like weather! Aaron successfully soaked him with water soon after. Congratulations Jerry!
April 14, 12 Denzil de Long did his first solo on Saturday, 14 April in C-FPME. It was a beautiful day but Denzil managed to avoid the traditional water soaking. We'll get you another time, Denzil. Congratulations!
Dec 19, 11 Congratulations to Kevin Walters who passed his Group 1 Multi-Engine Instrument Rating flight test on December 19. Kevin worked very hard to accomplish this and passed his flight test with a very good score. Mike Lowe was Kevin's instructor. Well done Kevin!
Nov 29, 11 Congratulations to Mike Macasa who successfully completed his IFR flight test on Nov 29th. Mike Lowe and Prana Mohanraj were his instructors. On Nov 19th only 10 days before his IFR Flight Test, Mike also completed his Multi Engine Flight Test. It took Mike only a few weeks to complete his Multi IFR from start to finish. Mike's determination as well as being able to use Sea Land Air's simulator which is identical to the actual aeroplane used for the training and flight tests allowed him to complete his training in a very short period of time. Now Mike is off to the Philippines where he has a job working for a local airline. Congratulations Mike, it was a pleasure teaching you!
Nov 9, 11 Congratulations to Daiki Niihara who passed his Multi Engine Flight test on Wednesday November 9th 2011. Mike Lowe recommended Daiki for his Multi Engine Flight Test. Daiki has come to Sea Land Air from Japan to do his PPL, CPL and Multi IFR training. His hard work and dedication have paid off as it has taken Daiki less than 5 months to do his entire Private Pilot Licence, Night Rating, Multi Engine Rating, as well as a good portion of the time building for his Commercial Pilots Licence. Keep up the good work Daiki!
Nov 6, 11 Congratulations to Vidya Sagar who passed his Multi Engine Flight test on November 6th 2011. Prana Mohanraj recommended Sagar for his Multi Engine Flight Test. Sagar has come to Sea Land Air from India to get a Canadian Multi Engine Rating. Sagar appears to be really enjoying his time at Sea Land Air and he has been a pleasure to teach.
Sep 16, 11 Kevin Walters passed his Multi Engine Flight Test in the DA 42 Twin Star with a very good score. Mike Lowe is his instructor. Now Kevin is working on finishing up his Group One Instrument rating in the Twin Star and then he will be heading home to the beautiful Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to work as a Commercial Pilot. Nice job Kevin, keep up the good work!
Sep 7, 11 Daiki Niihara passed his PPL flight test with Karen Douglas. Daiki started his PPL training at Sea Land Air in June. He is a very hard worker and he takes his training very seriously. His dedication has paid off as it has taken Daiki less than 3 months to complete his PPL licence. Mike Lowe and Piper Sakamaki helped prepare Daiki for his flight test. Congratulations Daiki!
Sep 5, 11 Ken Fung passed his Multi Engine Flight Test. Ken is a very hard working student and managed to obtain this rating in a very short time. Mike Lowe recommended Ken for his flight test. Ken is from Ontario and is now heading back there to finish his last year of University, after that he wants to work as a flight instructor. Congratulations Ken!
Sep 1, 11 Dave MacDonald passed his IFR flight test to renew his Group One Instrument rating in the DA42 Twin Star. Mike Lowe was his instructor. Either Dave was in a hurry to leave and get his application for the ATPL in to Transport Canada, or he was camera shy because there weren't any pictures taken to mark this occasion. Never the less we are all very happy for Dave.
Aug 19, 11 Congratulations to Harold Ishebabi on his quick progress and first solo! Harold works hard to perfect his landings and his abilities, which then translates in to smooth soft landings. He studies very hard which also pays off allowing him to excel with his flying skills. Along with great study habits he is always on time and prepared! Great Job Harold!
Aug 17, 11 Richard Wong did his first solo flight on C-FWAP today. Esther was his instructor. Congratulations Richard!
Aug 17, 11 Jessica Peare passed her Private Pilot Flight Test today, and she did a very good job! Each of Sea Land Air Flight Centre's instructors had their input into Jessica's training.
Aug 9, 11 Zong Chua completed his multi engine flight test today after 6.1 hours training in the DA42.
Multi engine training integrating Sea Land Air's D-SIM-DA42 FTD simulator with the actual aircraft has proven once again to be efficient and effective. Mike Lowe was Zong's instructor for the Multi Rating.
Aug 4, 11 Nick Banks did his first solo in FPME. Unfortunately there were not enough people on the ground after his solo to organize the traditional soaking. But we more than made up for it after his second solo when Aaron soaked him with a bucket of water from the dispatch window on the second floor! Mike Lowe was his primary instructor.
Aug 4, 11 Mike Najdychor did his first solo in C-GEML today in perfect summer weather. Congratulations Mike!
Jul 27, 11 Kelvin Hau did his first solo in his favourite plane FPME. Kelvin has come from Calgary to learn how to fly with us during the summer. At 14 years old he has set the record for the youngest student to ever go solo at Sea Land Air. Mike Lowe and Piper Sakamaki are his instructors.
Jul 12, 11 Daiki Niihara did his solo flight today in FWAP, he did 3 perfect circuits on Runway 12. Good work!
Jun 2, 11 It's a rainy day but still, the weather is good for Rocky So's first solo. He took off from Runway 12 and did two perfect circuits. Esther and Aki had the honour for the 'wetting celemony' after the flight.
May 30, 11 Wang Yao, Andy , passed his PPL flight test on Monday. Andy's primary instructor is Mike Lowe. Good job!
May 7, 11 Vishvender Malik completed his multi engine flight test today. Prana Mohanraj was his primary instructor.
Apr 20, 11 Wednesday April 20th was a big day as Song Xue (Eric) passed his PPL flight test. Eric is the 5th of our mainland Chinese students to pass his PPL flight test. Mike Lowe and Andrew Adams were his primary instructors. For Eric, aviation runs in the family and this is the first step for Eric en-route to obtaining his Canadian CPL License before returning to work as a pilot in his native China. Congratulations Eric!
Apr 09, 11 Jingyu Chen (Bravo) passed his Commercial Pilot Flight Test with Karen.
Bravo's primary instructor is Aaron and Bravo is the first of our Mainland Chinese students to pass this important milestone.
Feb 18, 11 Alex Li did his first solo today in C-FENF. Akiko is his instructor. Congratulation to Alex!
Jan 23, 11 Jessica Peare did her first solo today. She is the youngest student to go first solo in one of Sea land Air's aircraft. Jessica did four good landings, she lost count!
Jan 3, 11 Twelve days after passing his flight test Zhou Zhang (Andrew) has completed his Night Rating.
Jan 3, 11 Xiong Luo (Michael) passed his PPL flight test today with a very high score. Mike Lowe is his primary instructor. Next it's on to the night rating and cross country flying as Michael joins his compatriots on his way to achieving the Candaian Commercial Pilot Licence.
Dec 27, 10 Richard Hollands completed his Private Pilot flight training with a successful flight test today in C-FENF. Congratulations Richard!
Dec 22, 10 Shaun Bresler did a great job on his first solo today in C-FPME, supervised by his instructor Andrew Adams. He cooperated nicely with our traditional water soaking!
Dec 21, 10 Zhou Zhang (Andrew) passed his Private Pilot Flight Test today. His primary instructor is Mike Lowe and he is the second of our Chinese students to pass his flight test at Sea Land Air Flight Centre. Good job Andrew!
Dec 17, 10 Sylvain Allard passed his Group 1 multi-engine instrument rating flight test today! Sylvain is the first pilot to obtain a Group 1 IFR at Sea Land Air on the DA42 TwinStar. He flew the TwinStar exceptionally well and scored very highly on every item of the flight test. The combination of the most modern multi engine training aircraft and the equally capable Level 5 DA42 simulator allows Sea Land Air to provide students with the best package for effective multi-engine instrument training. Mike Harris was his instructor. Outstanding job Sylvain!
Dec 5, 10 Today was a big day as Jingquan Jiang (Spring) completed his PPL flight test! Spring is training for his commercial pilot licence in Canada and will be returning to work as a pilot in his native China when he has completed the course at Sea Land Air. Mike Lowe was his instructor. Congratulations Spring!"
Nov 28, 10 Zach Mok completed his multi-engine flight test today on the DA42. Zach is a commercial student who was excited at his first chance to get control of the DA42. Mike did a great job guiding him through all of the multi exercises and Zach worked hard to pass the test with great feedback from his examiner. The Multi-IFR rating is next! Congratulations Zach!"
Oct 30, 10 Another milestone for Sea Land Air with our first multi-engine rating flight test success on the DA42! Sylvain Allard is an experienced helicopter pilot who is now obtaining his fixed wing ratings, starting of course with the multi-engine endorsement. Mike Harris did a great job getting Sylvain up to speed with the G1000 in our simulator and aircraft before the test. Congratulations Sylvain!"  
Oct 6, 10 Carl Leung passed his Private Pilot flight test today. His examiner was Jim Scott and he was taught by Russell Yuen. Carl did very well throughout his training here at Sea Land Air and he passed both his written and flight test with high marks. Carl is also our first student that did his flight test on our new DA20-100 C-FPME.
Sep 8, 10 James Gao did his first solo today and is Esther's first first solo student as well! Steve was ready with the bucket, and this was no surprise to James who is used to Canadian customs. James came from Mainland China for his pilot license.
Sep 7, 10 Josh Wynn , a UBC Commerce student from Ontario, did his first solo in C-FWAP. Russell is Josh's primary instructor, although Aaron had the pleasure of sending him for his first solo and making sure he got properly soaked! Well done Josh!
Aug 19, 10 Jolanta did her first solo on Thursday evening in Sea Land Air's first Katana 100. With the aeroplane much lighter her first approach was too high and so she elected to go around and then she completed three good landings after that.
Rob was in the hangar ready to squirt her with water as is the custom for first solos.
Jolanta's husband was there to witness this great event. Michael is Jolanta's primary instructor.
Aug 6, 10 Pete Yuen completed his PPL flight training with a very successful flight test. Jim Scott was his examiner for this flight. Pete is from Hong Kong and he completed his training in 6 weeks with around 50 hours of flight time. Best of lucky for Pete in the future in aviation. Russell is Pete's primary flight instructor.
Aug 3, 10 Jacky Wong finished his PPL flight test today with examiner Jim Scott. Jacky finished his license in around half a year. Today is Jacky's last day of PPL training but the beginning of aviation. Russell is Jacky's primary flight instructor. Keep up the good work, Jacky!
Jul 14, 10 Darren completed his RPP flight test with examiner Francois Leh. The flight test went extremely well with only 3/4 and 4/4. Darren finished his RPP in less than 30 hours. Russell and Rob are his primary instructor. Good job Darren!
Jun 30, 10 Both Pete and Darren did their first solo today in our Diamond Katanas. They are both visiting from Hong Kong and is scheduled to stay for a month. Pete wants to get his PPL done and Darren wants to get his RPP. Russell and Rob are Pete & Darren's primary instructor.
May 04, 10 Jackie Wong did his first solo today in C-FWAP. Russell is his primary flight instructor. Of course, the first solo is followed by the tradition soaking. Congratulations Jackie!
Jan 22, 10 Ian Mcpherson completed his PPL licence today after passing a flight test with examiner Jim Scott. Aaron was his instructor. Congratulations Ian!
Dec 24, 09 Carl Leung did his first solo today, Christmas Eve. His primary instructor is Russell.
Dec 4, 09 Today was the first solo for James Douma. Akiko is his main instructor. She flew a few circuits with James before sending him off for the big event. Aaron hid by the hangar and delivered a thorough soaking!
Nov 2, 09 On Monday, November 2, Ian Mcpherson did his first solo in Diamond Katana FWAP. Ian, who already has his ultra-light permit, put up a good fight when Russell attempted the traditional soaking.
Oct 12, 09 Andreas Naef completed his PPL flight training with a successful flight test. Jim Scott was his examiner for this flight.
Oct 5, 09 On Monday Russell and Aaron took two visiting students from a Japanese technical college for fam flights in the Pitt Lake area. Katsyuki flew in the DA40 with Michael to take some air to air pictures of this event.
Sep 1, 09 September began on a good note with Cameron Park passing his PPL flight test with examiner Francois Leh. Aaron Shortt was Cameron's primary instructor.
Aug 27, 09 Aaron's student Jerry Chuang passed his PPL flight test today.
Aug 26, 09 Alexander Kochetkov did his first solo today. He was sent off by Aki. Steve lurked in the hangar with the hose ready to squirt him with water as is traditional.
Aug 24, 09 From time to time Sea Land Air does training in private owner aircraft. On Monday 24th August Dr Michael Koehle completed his Private Pilot flight test with Jim Scott in his family's Cessna 182. Previously the two Michaels picked up the Cessna in Oshawa Ontario, and flew it across Canada to BC where Dr Koehle completed his training with Michael and with Prana.
Aug 12, 09 Ric Styran did his first solo in C-FWAP. Aaron and Aki are his instructors. Congratulations to Ric!
Aug 3, 09 It's BC Day and Patrick Collison from Ireland passed his PPL flight test in C GEML with Jim Scott. Michael was Patrick's primary instructor. No leprechauns were injured during Patrick's training, and Michael did not have to use a shillelagh to ensure he stayed on the ball. Now Patrick feels like he has fallen into clover, four leafed one's at that!
Jul 2, 09 Eric Wang completed his PPL Licence on July 2. His flight test was in Dimaond Katana (C-GEML), and his instructor was Russell. Congratulations to Eric!  
Jun 19, 09 Richard Hollands did his first solo. Aaron sent him on his way with Aki supervising. Congratulations to Richard!
Jun 10, 09 Geir Løitergård came here from Norway to do his PPL in 9 weeks beginning in April and completing it today, Wednesday 10th June. Aaron completed Geir's training under Aki's supervision and get's his first PPL flight test recommend. Geir did all of his training in the Katana and now looks forward to checking out in the Eclipse and the Diamond Star before going home.
Jun 8, 09 Chih Chia (Jerry) Chuang did his first solo this morning. His instructor is Russell and he did it in very good time. Dickson lurked in the hangar ready with a bucket of cold water!
Jun 4, 09 TK did his IR renewal "flight test" in the Diamond SIM DA42 FTD on Thursday 4th June.
May 24, 09 Vibhav Tekchand from Bombay, India, passed his Commercial Pilot Licence flight test on Sunday 24th May. His examiner was Francois Leh and he was guided through his training by Akiko Takami. Picture 1: Vibhav, Aki, and Geir (from Norway). Picture 2: Vibhav and Francois.
May 15, 09 Anthony Patikiriachchi passed his CPL flight test with Francois Leh right on schedule at 201 hours. Anthony is looking towards a career as an airline pilot and he will now move on to do the multi engine and instrument ratings. Prana Mohanraj was Anthony's primary instructor and Dirk Verkade made sure he was up to standard with a thorough preflight test.
Apr 28, 09 Congratulation to Chris Cambers on his passing his IFR flight test today. Chris is our first student that did his IFR flight test on C-GPDP. Special thanks to his instructor Mike Harris.
Apr 21, 09 Grant Phillips did his first solo in this century, his original first solo in a powered aeroplane was in 1977 and since then he has spent some happy time flying gliders. Aki Takami sent Grant off on this second 'first' solo after 32 years. Both Aki and Aaron are Grant's primary instructors.
Apr 17, 09 Geir Løitergård did his first solo flight in Katana C-GEML. He is Aaron and Aki student from Norway. He is here for 6 weeks and will be finishing off his private pilot license within this short 6 weeks.
Apr 9, 09 Eric Wang did his first solo flight in Katana C-GEML. Russell is Eric's primary instructor. Eric is planning to get his CPL done within 2 years.
Mar 26, 09 This morning David Politis did his first solo flight in Katana C-FWAP. Aaron Shortt is David's instructor. An interesting aside, David's brother Niko is a flying instructor and worked with the Sea Land Air CFI in Binzhou, China, so aviation is in the Politis genes!
Feb 11, 09 Sam Berkun did his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-GEML). Aaron Shortt was his instructor. Russell did the customary baptism of a bucket of water.
Jan 31, 09 Carlos Fetherstonhaugh did his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-GRTJ). Prana Mohanraj was his instructor and the first solo was flown at Pitt Meadows airport. Aki was ready to meet him with the water hose to splash him as is common practice for first solos these days.
Dec 16, 08 Marlon Taylor was Aaron's student to go first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-FWAP). This landmark event took place on a cold December day and was followed by a thorough soaking! Marlon is a member of the Canadian Forces and is hoping to continue his training in the military in the future. DA20-A1 to CF18 perhaps.
Nov 26, 08 Our CPL student Anthony Patikiriarachchi had passed his CPL written exam yesterday with great scores. Special thanks to his instructor Pranavan Mohanraj.
Nov 25, 08 David He achieved his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-GEML). Russell was his instructor. Congratulations to David!
Sept 28, 08 Richard Jensen achieved his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-GEML). Akiko was his instructor. Congratulations to Richard!
Sept 21, 08 Once in a while Sea Land Air has students with their own aircraft. On Sunday 21st Dr Michael Koehle did his first solo in the Cessna 182 his family owns.
July 24, 08 Patrick Collison achieved his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-GEML). Congratulations to Patrick!
July 02, 08 Kevin Walters passed his Private Pilot flight test on 2nd July. Francois Leh was the examiner and the test was conducted in the Katana C GEML. Kevin is from St Vincent in the Carribean and is working towards the Commercial Pilot Licence.
July 02, 08 With his fresh PPL, Vibhav has checked out to fly into the USA. This is one of the fun checkrides, customs clearance at Bellingham in Washington state, followed by lunch at Orcas Island, and a few circuits at Friday Harbor, before returning to Boundary Bay in Canada.
July 01, 08 Andy Naef achieved his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-GRTJ). Prana was his instructor. Congratulations to Andy!
June 22, 08 Congratulations to Vibhav Tekchand on successfully passing the PPL flight test examination using the DA20 Katana (C-GEML)
May 30, 08 Trevor Woods achieved his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-FWAP). Akiko was his instructor. Congratulations to Trevor!
May 22, 08 Dominic Woo achieved his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-FWAP). Akiko was his instructor. Congratulations to Dominic!
May 21, 08 Brock O'Brien achieved his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-FWAP). Michael was his instructor. Congratulations to Brock!  
Mar 31, 08 On a beautiful Sunday (30th March 2008), Vibhav Tekchand became the first student to do his first solo in an SLA aircraft (C-GEML). True to the tradition, he got a thorough soaking when he returned to the ground as part of the celebration. Prana was his instructor. Congratulations to Vibhav!
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