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Discover a whole new dimension and enjoy one of the most beautiful and peaceful times to fly - at night! The Night Rating endorsement builds on the Private Pilot Licence, and allows the holder to fly any single-engine or multi-engine non-high performance aircraft during the hours of darkness in visual meteorological conditions under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). The applicant must hold a valid Private Pilot Licence or higher to be eligible for Night Rating training. Minimum training requirements are set out below. No flight test or written examination is required.

Prerequisite: Private Pilot License ( or higher)

10 hours of Dual Night Flight Time, including at least 2 hours cross-country time and 5 hours instrument flight time, in addition to the 5 hours instrument training received during private license training. 5 hours Solo Night Flight Time, including at least 10 takeoffs and landings. Note: Students may require additional flight training hours and ground briefing time. All prices are in CAD and are subject to change without prior notice.

  Training Costs
$140/hr solo
$200/hr dual
$160/hr solo
$220/hr dual
$210/hr solo
$270/hr dual
10 hours Dual Flight Time
$2,000.00 $2,200.00 $2,700.00
5 hours Solo Flight Time
$700.00 $800.00 $1,050.00
Total Estimated Cost $2,700.00 $3,000.00 $3,750.00