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Akiko Takami
Chief Flight Instructor

Akiko has over 2,500 hours experience in teaching private and commercial students. Akiko came to Canada in 2002 from Japan as an international student, and with her much admired instructor as a mentor, she decided to become a flight instructor. Completing the required licensing to reach her goal, Akiko's accomplishments serve as great encouragement for international students.

David Mak
Flight Instructor

Living in Hong Kong during his young childhood, David was fascinated by the checkerboard approach into Kai Tak Airport. This allure brought him into the field of Mathematics and a career in the aviation industry. In year 2013, he decided to begin flight training to see what flying is all about. He joined Sea Land Air Flight Centre as a Dispatcher in 2015. David is more than happy to help students succeed and make their wish a reality!

Soo Hyun Woo
Flight Instructor / Person Responsible for Maintenance

She came to Canada in 2002 as an international student majored in Political Science and Music. However, her deep-rooted passion of aircraft prompted her to attend BCIT's Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Program. She built up many hands-on skills and experiences with the various aircraft turbine engines throughout her career. While she was volunteering for the Aeronca Champ rebuilding project in Delta Airpark, she had a chance to sit in the co-pilot seat. From that moment, she dreamed about learning to fly. After 3 years of flight training at Sea Land Air, Soo became a flight instructor who is very happy to share everything that she has learned with the students to make their dreams to come true.

Olivier Villebrun
Flight Instructor

Born in the South of France, Olivier graduated with a Masters in Sport Management. He then taught outdoor activities overseas, mostly in Switzerland where he was able to get back to his first love: learning to fly. He began paragliding in 2002 and finally in 2011, he moved onto flying airplanes in British Columbia. Olivier's passion for flying led him to becoming a flight instructor, and he is grateful to be part of the Sea Land Air team, where he can now share that same passion with his students.

Alex Lee
Flight Instructor

Alex grew up in Toronto and studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry at University of Toronto. After graduating, he was inspired by friends in the aviation industry and started flight training at Sea Land Air in 2013. As an instructor now, he enjoys sharing his experience with students and helping them reach their goals. From the ramp to the operation office of an FBO, Alex also has many experience in the industry other than flight training. Ask him and he will have stories to tell.

Raven Lam

Raven grew up in Hong Kong and Taiwan. During her time in Asia, she gained a total of 10 years of experience working as a ramp coordinator for Cathay Pacific and a load master for Hong Kong Airlines. Her passion for aviation led her to explore the flying aspect of the industry. Raven moved to Canada as an international student and completed her PPL and CPL training at Sea Land Air in 2018.She is in the process of completing her instructor rating and is excited to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Priscilla Chen
Flight Instructor

Priscilla graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2016 with a degree in Business and Commercial Aviation Management. She completed her primary flight training at Diamond Flight Center in London Ontario. Priscilla obtained her Instructor Rating at Sea Land Air and also currently works for YVR Operations as an Operations Centre Agent. Priscilla is looking forward to meeting future students and helping them achieve their goals.

Daniel Broderick
Flight Instructor

Daniel was born in Sydney, Australia and studied IT at the University of Western Sydney. Always having a passion for adventure Daniel decided to have a trial instructional flight in 2005, following this he earnt his Australian PPL, CPL. Daniel also gained experience working at a flying school in Western Sydney. In 2012 Daniel embarked on his next adventure, moving to Canada and converting his Australian licences to Canadian. He then expanded his aviation horizons gaining his instructor rating at Sea Land Air. ,Daniel looks forward to sharing your passion for flying and helping you pursue and achieve your aviation goals.

Halle Gulbrandsen

Inspired by her pilot father, Halle started flying in 2016 and instantly loved it. She earned her Private License with Sea Land Air Flight Center and is currently working toward her Commercial License. Aside from flying, Halle studied Creative Writing at UBC and her work can be found floating around the internet, if you look hard enough.