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Sea Land Air Flight Training Centre (SLA) carefully selects a fleet of new and modern aircraft that are not only well equipped for training but also attractive to students. Our fleet of Diamond Aircraft – DA20–A1, DA20–C1, DA40 and DA42 Twin is available for training and/or rental (on selected models).

We must confirm that the renter-pilot has knowledge of SLA's Rules and Regulations, as well as aeronautical knowledge required to safely and proficiently operate our aircraft prior to renting an aircraft from SLA. This includes, but is not limited to, knowledge of aircraft limitations and systems, and operations within the Lower Mainland area.

Relevant documents/forms and aircraft type exams are provided below under each aircraft type for you to download and complete. This will help save time when you come in for your checkout.

Akiko Takami

Akiko TakamiChief Flight Instructor / Pilot Examiner

Akiko came to Canada in 2002 from Japan as an international student, and with her much-admired instructor as a mentor, she decided to become a flight instructor. After 3 years as the assistant Chief Flight Instructor, she became the Chief Flight Instructor in 2011. Her responsibilities include the safety, quality and oversight of flight training operations. Her passion is producing and mentoring the most important asset to the school, dependable in-house flight instructors.

Brian Poole

Brian PoolePerson Responsible for Maintenance

Brian began flying in 2021, and after a successful career in the Biotech industry made the switch to the aviation. Brian joined the Sea Land Air Team as Assistant PRM and is now the PRM while completing his flight training and ultimately plans to join the instructor ranks at SLA. A father of 2, he has held a lifelong passion for aviation and is excited to embark on this new chapter and bring his wealth of experiences to the Sea Land Air Team.

Soo Hyun Woo

Soo Hyun WooAssistance Chief Flight Instructor

Soo came to Canada in 2002 as an international student majoring in Political Science and Music. However, her deep-rooted passion of aircraft prompted her to attend BCIT\'s AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) Program. She built up many hands-on skills and experiences with the various aircraft turbine engines throughout her career as an AME. After 3 years of flight training at Sea Land Air while working as AME Soo became a flight instructor. Soo is currently working as an Air Ambulance Pilot flying the King Air 350 and Cessna Citation on life saving flights all over BC. She comes back to help our students and instructors in her role as the Assistant Chief Flight instructor on her days off.

Roy Zhang

Roy ZhangFlight Instructor

Roy immigrated to Canada with his family in 2009. Growing up, he had always dreamed about becoming a pilot and being able to travel around the world. After graduating from high school he went up for a familiarization flight at Boundary Bay airport and was instantly hooked! Upon completing his Commercial Pilot License, he began training for his Instructor Rating at Sea Land Air. There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when he sees students achieve their goals. Now he is able to share his passion for flying with other students who dream of becoming a pilot.

Alice Huang

Alice HuangFlight Instructor

Alice graduated from the University of Waterloo's Aviation and Science Honours program, getting her multi-IFR from the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre. During this time she also obtained her coaching certification; these combined pushed her to get her Instructor Rating. She is grateful to be able to help students set and reach their goals at Sea Land Air, since helping someone else succeed is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world.

Daniel Broderick

Daniel BroderickFlight Instructor

Daniel was born in Sydney, Australia and studied IT at the University of Western Sydney. Always having a passion for adventure Daniel decided to have a trial instructional flight in 2005, following this he earnt his Australian PPL, CPL. Daniel also gained experience working at a flying school in Western Sydney. In 2012 Daniel embarked on his next adventure, moving to Canada and converting his Australian licences to Canadian. He then expanded his aviation horizons gaining his instructor rating at Sea Land Air. ,Daniel looks forward to sharing your passion for flying and helping you pursue and achieve your aviation goals.

Jonathan Ng

Jonathan NgFlight Instructor

On any given day, you might catch Jonathan playfully sketching on one of the classrooms pristine whiteboards. Having initially pursued a career in architecture in Hong Kong, Jonathan never let go of his childhood fascination with airplanes. In the face of doubtful voices and unfiltered opinions from friends, he decided to turn his dream into a reality. Following the recommendation of a close friend, he sought out Sea Land Air. There, under the guidance of exceptionally kind and patient instructors, he earned his PPL, Multi-Engine Rating, CPL, Group 1 IFR, and ultimately, his instructor rating. Today, he pays it forward by embracing a new architectural role - one that empowers others to construct their own dreams and shape their destinies.

Derrick Lui

Derrick LuiFlight Instructor

After spending many years working in Finance and Accounting around the world, Derrick has decided to return to Vancouver and embark on his lifelong passion for flying.

Initially holding a Helicopter Private Pilot’s License, Derrick joined Sea Land Air Flight Centre to earn his Fixed-Wing Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and ultimately his Instructor Rating. Today, Derrick is thrilled to share his experience and knowledge, guiding students through the challenging yet rewarding journey of becoming a pilot.

Kevin Chang

Kevin ChangFlight Instructor

Kevin immigrated to Canada with his family in 2007. He found his passion for aviation at a young age with the frequent flights between his home country and Canada. During high school, Kevin wanted to see if a career as a pilot was for him, so he went up for a familiarization flight and has not looked back since. Kevin is eager and committed to sharing his love for aviation with his students. No matter the age, it is never too late to learn how to become a safe and confident pilot and immerse yourself in the beauty of flight.

Stuart Hodgson

Stuart HodgsonAssistant Person Responsible for Maintenance

Stuart began flying in 2012 and completed both his Private and Commercial Licences at Sea Land Air Flight Centre. He spent four years working at Million Air YVR as a ramp agent and is also a UBC Commerce graduate, majoring in Operations & Logistics. Stuart joined the SLA team as a Dispatcher and assistant to the Person Responsible for Maintenance in 2019 and now works as a Flight Instructor and PRM. Stuart finds being part of the tight-knit SLA team very gratifying and is passionate about aviation and helping students achieve their flight training goals!

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