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Sea Land Air Flight Training Centre (SLA) carefully selects a fleet of new and modern aircraft that are not only well equipped for training but also attractive to students. Our fleet of Diamond Aircraft – DA20–A1, DA20–C1, DA40 and DA42 Twin is available for training and/or rental (on selected models).

We must confirm that the renter-pilot has knowledge of SLA's Rules and Regulations, as well as aeronautical knowledge required to safely and proficiently operate our aircraft prior to renting an aircraft from SLA. This includes, but is not limited to, knowledge of aircraft limitations and systems, and operations within the Lower Mainland area.

Relevant documents/forms and aircraft type exams are provided below under each aircraft type for you to download and complete. This will help save time when you come in for your checkout.

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The Diamond DA20-A1 (GEML, FENF, FPME)

In the DA20-A1 Katana, Diamond Aircraft combined the fuel efficient 100 horsepower Rotax engine with the elegant aerodynamics made possible by using modern composite construction materials to create a superb basic trainer. A predecessor of the DA20-C1 described below, the Katana features the following and offers our clients an economical aeroplane in which to begin their flight training.

  • Rotax 912 S3, 100hp engine
  • Constant Speed Propeller
  • Garmin Nav/Com Radio
  • GI 275 configured VOR CDI
  • Garmin Mode C Transponder
  • VFR Only
Introductory Flight $105.00
Training - Solo $160.00/hr
Training - Dual $233.00/hr
Rental rate is the same as the Solo training rate.
Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Fuel surcharge may apply.



The Diamond DA20-C1 (GRTJ, GLCL)

The DA20-C1 is the most fuel efficient certified aircraft of its class in the market. Sporty, sleek and exciting, yet surprisingly affordable, the DA20 offers outstanding performance, with impressive durability and economy for commercial training. With an additional 10-15 KTAS compared to the A1 above, the C1 is an ideal cross country time building platform.

  • All composite design
  • Continental IO-240 125hp fuel injected engine with fixed pitch MT propeller
  • Garmin GNS 430 Nav/Com (GRTJ)
  • Garmin GI-106A VOR/LOC/GS Indicator (GRTJ)
  • Garmin AT SL40 VHF Com Radio (GRTJ)
  • Garmin 330 Mode S Transponder
  • Garmin GNC 255 Nav/Com (GLCL)
  • Garmin GI 275 configured for VOR CDI and GPS Moving Map (GLCL)
  • Garmin GNC 255 Com Radio (GLCL)
  • VFR only
Training - Solo $180.00/hr
Training - Dual $253.00/hr
Rental rate is the same as the Solo training rate.
Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Fuel surcharge may apply.



The Diamond DA40 (GPDP)

Diamond's DA40 is a 4-seat composite airplane that is suitable for everything from primary flight training to personal transportation through IFR conditions. The airplane can cruise as fast as 140 knots on 9 gallons per hour of fuel through its 4-cylinder 180hp fuel-injected Lycoming engine. As SLA's only ADS-B equipped aircraft, take a US check-out flight and expand your cross country destinations!

  • Lycoming IO-360 M1A 180hp Engine
  • Hartzell Constant Speed Propeller
  • Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit
  • Avidyne "Active" Traffic Advisory System
  • Garmin GTX 335R WAAS Transponder (FAA ADSB Compliant)
  • Garmin GA35 GPS
  • Honeywell KAP140 A/P with Alt. Hold & Preselect
Training - Solo $280.00/hr
Training - Dual $353.00/hr
Rental rate is the same as the Solo training rate.
Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Fuel surcharge may apply.



The Diamond Twin Star DA42 TDI (C-FGTV)

Diamond Aircraft's fleet of certified, composite aircraft represents the best engineered, most competent and safe aircraft in the market today. The DA42 TDI is a 4-seater superbly capable aircraft for both multi engine and multi IFR training and fun flying. Representing the latest in airframe design, avionics capability and engine technology, the DA42 gives you extreme range and endurance and allows you to fly directly to more places than you thought possible. These make the DA42 the perfect choice for modern advance training and touring aircraft.

  • FADEC controlled Twin TAE Centurion 2.0 turbo Diesel (270HP total)
  • Range ( at 80%) : 917NM
  • Range (at 60% extended fuel): 1129 NM
  • Garmin G1000 Glass Panel Cockpit
  • GDU 1040 PFD + GDU 1040 MFD
  • Honeywell KAP 140 Dual Axis Autopilot
  • TKS Deicing System
Training - Dual $473.00/hr
Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Fuel surcharge may apply.



D-SIM-42 Twin Star

Located at our branch office at Aberdeen Centre, the D-SIM-42 flight simulation training device is an exact replica of the most modern twin engine aircraft Diamond DA42 Twin Star, featuring accurate aerodynamics, systems replication and complex aircraft instruments simulation including a sophisticated external visual system (EVS) with 200-degree cylindrical screens. It is the only flight training device (FTD) of its kind in BC and can also be used for IFR recurrency training and certification.

The flight dynamic including the aerodynamic model, the engine, prop and gear model is based on the aircraft reference data from Diamond Aircraft Industries as well as on additional subjective flight tests with the aircraft with experienced DA42 pilots from Diamond Aircraft, Diamond Simulation and customers alike. Other features include:

  • FTD Level 5 DA42 with Garmin G1000.
  • G1000 Interface for KAP 140 2-axis Autopilot.
  • A three-channel external visual system (EVS) with 200-degree cylindrical screens.
  • A three-axes electronic control loading system (ECL) which ensures a high degree of realism for the simulation of the control forces.

Incorporating training in a simulator or FTD in flight training programs has become increasingly popular in recent years. Not only can simulation training increase the effectiveness in flight training, it can also achieve significant cost efficiency. Although there is no substitute for actual flight training in an aircraft, you can save time and cost training and practicing in a simulator/FTD. With simulation, you can identify certain areas that need additional training and focus on those areas; you can simulate flying in different scenarios, conditions and locations; and you can repeat training on certain skills until you have mastered them. All these can be achieved at a lower cost than if the training was done in actual flight.

Training - Dual with a Multi IFR instructor / Class 1 instructor towards the instructor Rating $200.00/hr
Training - Dual with a VFR instructor $193.00/hr
This D-SIM-42 is located at Aberdeen Centre branch office.
Rates are subject to change without prior notice.


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